Creator-Inventor of the

eLIGNABAR® Methodology & Workout

Faye Zamarin has been motivating people to reach their fitness goals for over 30 years both in California and now Park City Utah. Currently residing in Park City, Faye is provided with the perfect opportunity to establish a lifestyle that integrates her love of fitness and all the outdoor activities Park City is known for.

Faye’s experience and numerous professional certifications are in coaching, personal training, and group fitness. Faye’s fitness education includes spinal health, postural awareness, strength/balance/core, general health, and body alignment. She has extensive experience in coaching, training, leading fitness and wellness classes to large groups and individuals of all abilities, backgrounds and ages including world class winter sports Gold Medal athletes.

As the creator of the eLIGNABAR® Methodology and workout, a posture plus core exercise system, Faye currently teaches the exclusive eLIGNABAR® classes at the Park City MARC and prestigious Montage Resort in Deer Valley, along with GE Healthcare having adopted the Method for their corporate wellness program. Using her light weight two pound ergonomically shaped bar which targets those postural core muscles, she guides you through sequences and fun choreography that will leave one feeling the fluidity and suppleness, strength, balance and above all postural alignment that is our foundation for wellness.  Her eLIGNABAR® workout will restore your energy, confidence and renewed range of motion as she guides you with dynamic and isometric controlled movements, you will be on your way to living and enjoying the life you love. Faye’s background also includes Cardio Kickboxing, Strength Training, Stretch, Core, and even Latin Cardio. Boredom can be the enemy of any fitness program, however she is well known for always creating classes that offer an exciting, vibrant, and inspiring exercise setting leaving monotony behind! Her passion for great music along with her vast knowledge of health, wellness and fitness, inspire her students to find their inner strengths and enthusiasm to achieve their fitness goals.

Faye’s cutting edge eLIGNABAR® workouts are dramatically improving participants’ lifestyles, reducing low back, neck and shoulder discomfort through postural awareness and improving overall well being. Faye gets her inspiration from the positive feedback and changes she witnesses in her client’s complete wellness and improvement along with the personal results they see in their multitude of sports activities.

Outside of Faye’s eLIGNABAR® workouts and training she can be found spending time with family and friends, enjoying outdoor activities, traveling, watching classic movies and playing with her black labs.

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