Frequently Asked Questions


Do you feel like most exercise programs are difficult, arduous, exhausting and boring? ….Well, you are not alone! The  eLIGNABAR® Method was developed to give you a workout that you will love, never get tired of and will give you those results that you are looking for. It will train your frame so you can improve your balance, functionality, assist in relieving neck, shoulder and back issues all while you are working your body from head to toe strengthening your postural frame. I give you my word that the Method has worked for so many, and it will certainly work for you too.

What is the eLIGNABAR® Method?

A Posture Plus Core Exercise Method that brings strength, balance, fluidity and functionality into our postural awareness. The eLIGNABAR® Method gives instant feedback in order to sense and restore spinal alignment regaining postural strength as your foundation. As the eLIGNABAR is carried and moved in many positions, the effectiveness of the Method will surprise you as your connector and attachment muscles are also targeted.

I'm sold! But what if I don't know how to use the eLIGNABAR® ?

Included with your purchase, you’ll receive a how to DVD, as well as a 12 page “Quick Start Guide.” Plus, you’ll receive exclusive offers to watch more videos online.

How do I start?

Click on the “Buy Now” and once your order is placed we will prepare your complete package and ship immediaely.  You will receive an email confirmation with your tracking number.

Do you have an Instructor Certification Program?

Yes, please drop us a note and we’ll get in touch with you regarding our next certification program.

Can anyone do the eLIGNABAR® Method?

Yes!…..the Method is easy to follow, intuitive, doable, low-impact, repeatable and above all safe.  All ages, genders, fitness levels and abilities will benefit from the Method.

Why can't I just use a broomstick?

Aside from possibly getting a splinter or two!….a broomstick is linear and unable to shape around our body as one moves.  The eLIGNABAR is an ergonomically designed and shaped light weight bar that allows the body to move in different planes and positions so maximum postural alignment of your back and spine is achieved.

Where can I take a live class?

Current eLIGNABAR® classes are offered in Park City, Utah at the MARC and in Deer Valley, Utah at the Montage Deer Valley Resort.  Schedules are available on line.

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