The eLIGNABAR® is a light weight prop that targets your posture for core stabilization which brings awareness to your spinal alignment.  The workout moves through planes of our body to incorporate a dynamic muscle awareness through controlled movements that are active, fundamental, functional and FUN!!

What Our Customers are Saying

““I always feel better after an eLIGNABAR® class.  I stand a little straighter and am in a great mood.  Yes, I get a good workout in your classes, but I mainly go because your classes are fun!”
Caroline Krumel

Park City, UT

““The eLIGNABAR® classes I’ve taken with Faye have been memorable – experientially FUN and MUSCULARY, as although I consider myself a very fit person, I was put in touch with muscles I never knew existed throughout my core area.  As a business owner and parent, I have limited opportunities to attend classes, but with eLIGNABAR® home DVD’s, I’m happy to bring Faye home with me!”
Karin Carestia

Compound Pharmacist, Alpine Apothecary, Park City, UT

“eLIGNABAR® workouts have improved my flexibility, posture, strength and endurance.  Best of all, the workouts are low impact and fun.  It is a fully body aerobic workout that includes neck, shoulder, core and leg muscle groups.  (I’m 65 and like a lot of men, abused my body playing sports.  I have a fused lower back, thoracic back compression fractures, bilateral shoulder rotator cuff repairs and bilateral total knee replacements.)  The “eLIGNABAR®” workouts have helped me identify my weakness and address them.  They have been a bridge from post-operative physical therapy to the sports I love; mountain biking, cycling, hiking and skiing.”
Charles M. Bova, MD

Doctor, Spine & Sports Medicine, Park City, UT

“From the time I was in second grade, I was the tallest girl in my class.  I adopted a ‘slump’ to ‘fit in’.  I underwent physical therapy in my 20’s and 40’s to deal with resulting problems.  Now in my 60’s, good posture is now finally a habit – and it feels great.  Sitting in my car, on a lawn during a concert, standing or walking, good posture and balance is now the new normal.  During the last year, I tumbled from a ladder, slipped on ice and tripped on a root while hiking.  In each instance I was able to catch myself (maybe not so gracefully) and avoid a fall.  My strengthened core has helped me maintain the balance I need for everyday tasks.  When I was younger, I exercised for health and fitness.  Using the eLIGNABAR® has extended those benefits to include improved fitness for living well.
Thanks for providing such great classes!”
Ann Fieldena

Park City, UT

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