My name is Ann. I’ve been coming to Faye’s class for 2.5 years. The greatest benefit is in my core. My posture has improved, it’s more natural. The program has created a new normal for me. A natural feeling of good posture and balance.


kateHi, my name is Kate, I’ve been taking Faye’s class over 3 years, I can honestly say it’s my favorite exercise class ever. I love it because it has truly improved my core. When I started I had nagging neck pain, from an injury. Once I started Faye’s program the neck pain went away and has stayed away…. I love it all. I would say to anyone who hasn’t tried it, to try it!


wendyWendy here, and my favorite part of the class is that I get a fabulous workout while I have the time of my life. It’s uplifting and energizing… I tell everyone in town, this is the best hour you can spend. I come out feeling so happy!


dennisHi, my name is Dennis and I’ve been working with Faye now for about 2 years. I’ve really seen a difference in my flexibility. I’m an avid golfer and it’s really helped my swing and hitting the ball farther. My son and I won a golf invitational about a month ago, and I contribute a part of that to taking Faye’s class. I have better flexibility to make a turn and increase my swing length and swing speed. It’s an hour class and it just seems to fly by. It’s really quite exciting and if you’re looking for more flexibility, increased posture and cardio – I mean we sweat in there, we get a work-out, it really is beneficial and I recommend people use Faye’s program or attend a class.




My name is Chris, it really helps you to get the kind of stretches that one wouldn’t normally get using other things like barbells. Her program for someone like me is just perfect. It gives me enough stretching enough rotation that someone like me needs and best of all it’s painless.


janiceHi my name is Janice, I’ve been doing some form of exercise for over 40 years and I enjoy the eLIGNABAR® method more than any other class I’ve ever taken. I do play golf and it has really helped improve my game. I really fell the benefits my posture is better, I’m stronger and I feel looser.


What is the eLIGNABAR® method?

A posture plus core exercise method that brings strength, balance, fluidity and functionality into our postural awareness. The eLIGNABAR® method gives instant feedback in order to sense and restore spinal alignment regaining postural strength as your foundation. As the eLIGNABAR® is carried and moved in many positions, the method will surprise you as your intrinsic muscles are targeted that support your skeletal frame. The lightness of the bar will allow muscles that have been asleep to turn “on”. The bar will guide you to move properly and help self-correct any imbalances as your confidence, postural awareness, balance and strength are restored.

Can anyone do the eLIGNABAR® method?

Yes!!! The method is easy to follow, intuitive, doable, low impact, repeatable and above all safe. The method will never shock your body and is pain free. All ages, genders, fitness levels and abilities will benefit from the method whether you are a seasoned exercise enthusiast, trained athlete or someone just beginning a fitness program. The eLIGNABAR® method will enhance and assist in improving your posture and stabilization and strength in your core.


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